Ruby on Rails Developer

Driven by curiosity and a never-ending desire to create things, I am always looking for new challenges. Since 2009 I have started programming and I have chosen Ruby on Rails to work with.

Being educated as a Organisational & Social Psychologist, I made the switch to programming when I had an idea for a web application that would make my then-current job a lot easier. I managed to get the web application up and running but after a few years decided it was time for a change, mainly because I was looking for a new opportunity to learn and work together in a team.

I worked for TrainTool in The Netherlands for 2.5 years. I was one of a team of two developers. My responsibilities were creating new features, providing customer support, supporting project teams, monitoring the health of the application and squashing bugs.

I like to work test-driven and Agile. I use GIT for version control, and am currently taking a Udacity Nanodegree to become a Full-Stack Web Developer.

I just moved to San Francisco and am looking for freelance assignments.

Interested in hiring me? Feel free to contact me. An up to date overview of my projects and education can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time I like to help beginners learn how to program through RailsGirls NL meetups and RailsGirls workshops. I also enjoy going to Ruby meetups to meet fellow developers and expand my horizon and network.

Contact me

Karen Sijbrandij
Phone (US): 1-510-944-4432
Phone (NL): +31624891695